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The Squatch InvestoManifesto

Like any good trading fund worth it's salt, the SquatchTeam has a manifesto which guides all trading activities. It is unlikely to find a Squatch amongst the team that will venture outside of the guidelines set by the manifesto.
In this way, the SquatchTeam confidently approaches trading to ensure healthy dividends safely and consistently.
The SquatchTeam is active 7 days per week - no weekends for Squatches!
The Squatch InvestoManifesto is as such:
The SquatchFund portfolio maintains a moderately conservative foundation topped with higher-risk investments, spiced up with a dash of WILD.
The portfolio is not limited to currency trading, alt-coins, nodes, stablecoins, yield farming, defi projects and other NFTs - but may include any or all of these, as well as rebase projects, lending, insurance, gaming, real estate, precious metals, cash and foreign exchange. A few of the Squatch traders are very conservative, while others like to take riskier options, hoping for a faster or greater return.
This balance almost always ensures healthy positive proceeds with which to provide dividends, and that's what the SquatchTeam likes to see and share with the Squatch NFTs!
Here is what the SquatchTeam says NO to: any project backed by hatred, discrimination or negativity; any project involving pornography or other exploitation of humans, animals or the environment; any project involved in or supporting politics. If it comes to the attention of the SquatchTeam that any SquatchFund investments inadvertently support any of the aforementioned, immediate steps will be taken to extract SquatchFund involvement, and redirect the investment elsewhere, while mitigating any harm to the SquatchFund.
A BRIEF NOTE ABOUT THE CURRENT STATE OF THE MARKET - Being keenly aware that the cryptocurrency market is ALMOST ALWAYS pretty volatile - (and having been in-the-thick-of-it for the recent wild&crazy rollercoaster), the SquatchFund makes no projections, promises, hopeful estimates or "what-if wen lambo" predictions for returns.
Market conditions change quickly in this field.
The SquatchTeam has a goal to always be in a healthy state, somehow – whether through trading or hodl'ing or backing-out into cash and precious metals - and the mix of assets reflects this commitment.
The bottom line is this - the Squatch NFT mint cost has the potential to return dividends that are equivalent to many multiples on the NFT cost, especially for longer-term holders – because as the asset pool grows, so too do the dividends (in theory) – and the 50% dividend commitment doesn’t change!
Also in theory, as the dividend sizes grow, so too does the value of the NFT to the holder. Hence, if an investor wanted to leave the protocol after receiving a certain amount of dividends, the investment pool would have theoretically also grown, increasing the monthly dividends and therefore the value of the NFT to an NFT buyer. (NFTs can be sold on OpenSea with no creator royalties payable.)