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FAQs (Round 2)

7. What does the SquatchFund invest in?
The SquatchFund, as per the Squatch InvestoManifesto, invests in a broad range of cryptocurrency investments including Bitcoin, Stablecoins & Alt-Coins, DEFI projects, NFT projects, Miners and Nodes.
Squatch Traders are day traders, scalpers, range traders and HODLers - not to mention Sasquatches (they like their privacy).
Every day is a new day in crypto, and the SquatchTeam are all fanatical about all-things crypto.
The SquatchFund is a diversified portfolio, including some very conservative investments at the foundation, and some slightly risky investments, spiced up with a dash of WILD. (They are Squatches, after all).
8. Is the SquatchFund Team 'KYC’ed' and 'Doxxed'?
The SquatchFund does not KYC (Know Your Customer) it's NFT holders, and never will.
The SquatchFund Project Lead & Spokesperson, Jenny Gough, is fully doxxed, and is KYC'ed as a Director for the purpose of incorporation of the SquatchFund.
The SquatchTeam Traders are on contract to The SquatchFund. They are all KYC'ed by SquatchFund legal for the sake of the team and the project – but in the interest of their safety and privacy, that info is not made public. We respectfully won’t ask for yours, so please don’t ask for theirs.
A full legal audit has been undertaken for the ERC-721A contract and the WhitePaper and Protocol by an independent legal firm.
9. Where does the initial capital for the SquatchFund come from?
The SquatchFund capital is generated from sales of the super-cool Squatch NFTs as outlined in the SquatchFund Protocol.
The SquatchFund commenced trading on July 27, 2022, and the trading pool funds will continue to grow until all 10,000 Squatch NFTs have been minted.
Dividends will begin to be distributed to Squatch NFT-holding wallets 90 days following the commencement of trading.
10. How are “rarities” handled?
Each Squatch NFT is unique, and some elements are more rare than others. Rarities may benefit the Squatch NFT holders in two ways;
- First, the resale value of the NFT may be higher in the OpenSea Marketplace due to rarity
- Second, as per the SquatchFund Protocol, Bonus Dividend Distributions are made randomly to holders of Squatch NFTs with certain traits. Holders of Squatch NFTs with the "more rare" elements will have a smaller distribution pool in which that Bonus Dividend is shared, than those with common elements – make sense? (i.e. if there is a 5% Bonus Dividend to Squatch NFTs featuring Squatchus Originalus (the most common Squatch), that bonus may be paid to a larger number of NFT-holding wallets than is that same 5% Bonus Dividend was made to Squatch NFTs with a rare FlameSquatch, or an exciting Squatch with Psychedelic Fur).
11. What’s the benefit of holding multiple Squatch NFTs?
It’s totally fine to hold just one Squatch NFT! Squatches don’t suffer from loneliness… However, as each Squatch NFT receives an equal-share of the dividends, holding multiple Squatch NFTs in a wallet will result in more dividends being received to that wallet.
In addition, each Squatch is unique, and has different traits. This allows a wallet-holder with multiple Squatch NFTs to have increased chances of receiving bonus dividends based on Traits.
And, last but certainly not least, the more Squatches you own, the cooler you are (just kidding - but not even kidding).
12. Where can I follow the SquatchTeam's YouTube and social media channels?
The Squatch Traders aren’t big on social media or YouTube – they prefer to spend their time focusing on researching crypto projects and trading, and wailing on guitars. However, the SquatchTeam understands the importance of communication and community engagement, and as such, are able to be found on social media, as outlined below.
The SquatchFund is on Twitter @thesquatchfund
The SquatchFund is on Discord
The SquatchFund is on YouTube (alarmingly!) and will be soon creating a collection of short "explainer" videos -
Questions can always be sent directly to the team via [email protected] or in Discord.
13. I have/know of/heard of a really cool project that the SquatchFund should invest in! How do I get in touch?
You may be interested to know that 90 days after all of the Squatch NFTs have been minted, a "Community-Voted Investing Strategy" will be available for participation/vote by the community. This profile will comprise an investing suggestion made by each of the Squatch Traders for the upcoming month, including those assessed from suggestions put forth by the Squatch NFT Community, and votes from the community will guide the investing strategy for that Trader Profile - cool, hey?
Squatch NFT Holders that have ideas for investment consideration should feel free to reach out to the SquatchTeam at [email protected] with the Subject Heading “Investment Suggestion”.
The SquatchTeam will follow up as soon as they can.
While the SquatchTeam loves to receive good suggestions, if they feel that the project is not in the best interest of the SquatchFund, they may decide to not proceed.
14. Where is The SquatchFund incorporated?
The SquatchFund is incorporating in the Seychelles, a country that is very welcoming to crypto-related businesses.
15. Does The SquatchFund provide NFT holders with tax statements, or withhold any taxes?
No, and no. Depending on where you reside, you may need to report income derived from investments, which may or may not include gifts given by Squatches. It is the responsibility of the Squatch NFT holder to understand the tax requirements of their jurisdiction, and to track and report any income or gifts that may be derived from their own investments.