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FAQs (Round 1)

1. Will there be a second, third or fourth batch of Squatch NFTs to add to the Protocol?
No, there will not. The SquatchFund is limited to the 10,000 Squatch NFTs in the NFT Collection.
There may be additional new projects from the SquatchTeam in the future, which would be affiliated with different funds.
2. Can I withdraw my investment from the SquatchFund at any time?
Well, here's the deal - your investment is in the Squatch NFT, not the SquatchFund itself. However, you can sell your Squatch NFT on the OpenSea Marketplace to recoup your NFT investment funds should you wish.
Note that the gift distribution is to the wallet holding that NFT on the day of distribution, therefore, if you sell your NFT, you also sell the utility along with it.
Note also that the SquatchFund is NOT a community-held trading fund or a mutual fund. NFT holders invest in a Squatch NFT, which receives gifts. That's it.
To be clear - The NFT holder's investment is in the NFT, not the fund itself – make sense?
3. Will the SquatchFund buy my NFT back from me?
Unless the SquatchFund has initiated the “End-of-Life Protocol” (see End-of-Life Protocol for more info), the SquatchFund will not buy back any NFTs.
All Squatch NFTs can however, be sold on OpenSea Marketplace, without any royalties.
4. How much dividend does my Squatch NFT generate?
Just like there are no guarantees in crypto, there is no guaranteed gift. The SquatchTeam does the best they can each and every day (7 days a week!) to generate healthy rewards in the fund from trading and holding, and as part of the SquatchFund Protocol, a share of those proceeds is distributed to the Squatch NFTs... and the SquatchTraders are paid in Squatches, and by commission - so you can bet they'll be doing their best to bring the best returns for all NFT holders!
5. Who are the SquatchTeam traders?
Each member of the SquatchTeam has between 2-8 years of cryptocurrency investing experience, and up to 24 years of stock & fund trading experience. SquatchTeam Traders work solely on commission from their trading and investing activities. SquatchTrader profiles and strategies are explained in greater detail in the NFT-gated SquatchAcademy!
6. I want to “copy trade” – where can I piggyback my trading wallet to the SquatchFund trades?
Simple answer – you can’t. The SquatchFund has no facility for copy trading. However, the SquatchAcademy includes resources and detailed information about the trading profiles and portfolios. The SquatchFund does not provide financial advice and nor does it conduct trades or investing on anyone's behalf.