SquatchFund Protocol Basics

The SquatchFund is comprised of a series of 10,000 Squatch NFTs available to mint on https://mint.squatches.io.
The price to mint a Squatch NFT started at $300 USD (in MATIC) on the Polygon Network, and will progressively increase as supply decreases.
While most NFT projects are in a hurry to "mint out", The SquatchFund is made stronger by "slow and steady" investing, creating a solid backbone for the portfolio and ever-increasing value in the SquatchAcademy. Therefore, Squatch NFT sales will remain open until all Squatches are minted.
The SquatchFund commenced investing and trading of the SquatchFund as planned on July 27, 2022.
The SquatchFund will distribute dividends to all Squatch NFT-holding wallets on a monthly basis for a minimum of five (5) years commencing on a date 90 days subsequent to the commencement of the SquatchFund (October 27, 2022).
Note regarding gifts: A wallet must hold a Squatch NFT for a minimum of 27 days before any dividend is received (ie, if an NFT is minted on October 25, 2022, it will receive it's first dividend on November 27, 2022 rather than on October 27, 2022).
Prior to completion of 100% of the NFT collection being minted, a weekly snapshot of wallet holders will be taken, and dividend distribution issued on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of weeks in the dividend period that each wallet has held a Squatch NFT. This is to ensure fairness for wallets who mint early, versus wallets who mint close to the dividend distribution date.
Thirty (30) days after all of the NFTs in the collection have been minted, the fund will be operating at it's full capital asset pool and dividends will no longer be pro-rata'ed based on the length of time a wallet has held the NFT - that means if you sell your NFT on the 26th of the month, the new wallet will receive 100% of the monthly dividend distributed on the 27th for that Squatch - make sense?)
THE SQUATCHFUND IS NOT A “GET-RICH-QUICK” SCHEME, nor is it multi-level, and nor is it a "Ponzi scheme" (a frequently misused word in crypto projects) relying on new investor money to support earlier investors.
The SquatchFund is a slow, daily grind to provide a favorable dividend to all Squatch NFT holders – however, there is no guaranteed APY, APR or ROI. (Having said that, the SquatchTraders work on a commission-only basis, (and are also Squatch NFT holders!) so it is their top-priority to maximize the favorable dividends!)