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Whoa! Wait - did you say Rarity Bonus Dividends?

Rarity Bonus Dividend Draws: Once the entire collection of 10,000 Squatch NFTs are minted to investor wallets, a 5% allocation from trading proceeds will be allocated to Rarity Bonus Dividend Draws based on one or more Squatch NFT traits. How fun!!!
The rarity of an NFT trait will determine the percentage of the bonus dividend received (i.e. if a Common Trait is selected to receive the bonus, then a larger number of Squatch NFT-holding wallets will share the bonus dividend than if a Rare Trait is selected to receive the bonus (because there are less NFTs exhibiting Rare Traits than there are Common Traits). Make sense? If not, ask us to explain by sending an email to [email protected] or enquiring in Discord.
For fairness, all bonus selections will be conducted randomly using a “spin-to-win” software.