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The SquatchFund in a Nutshell

Welcome to the SquatchFund & the Squatch NFT Collection Whitepaper/Wiki.
The Squatch NFT Collection has been created by a small team of real people with a variety of crypto interests to provide a cool digital art collectible NFT that receives dividends from the SquatchTeam, to all those who provide a home in their wallet for a Squatch.
When collaborating on this project, the instructions to the SquatchFund Team was “Keep It Simple, Squatches!” – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.
The NFT is a collection of unique and randomly-generated Squatches with graphically designed elements created from an amalgamation of hand-drawn art, Photoshop art, stock or other photographs, stock and other GD elements, and filters. The NFTs are on the Polygon blockchain*, and housed on OpenSea.
The NFT provides monthly** dividends to all wallets holding one or more Squatch NFTs on the day of gift-giving.
There is nothing complicated about the SquatchFund (no staking, no locking, no swapping, no weird stuff, no strange requests... just hold a Squatch NFT in your wallet & receive dividends from SquatchFund trading and investing activities).
The principle is simple:
1. There is a total of 10,000 Squatch NFTs in the collection. Squatches are minting now, at
2. A percentage of funds (70%) generated from the sale of the Squatch NFT Collection is allocated for the trading pool, managed by the SquatchTeam, as per the SquatchoNomics of the Protocol.
3. The SquatchTeam makes various investments and trades within the SquatchFund, as per the SquatchFund Protocol and the Squatch InvestoManifesto.
4. Each month, each NFT-holding wallet receives a gift of dividends from trading and investing to that wallet, as per the SquatchFund Protocol.
5. Trading results are summarized on the website
6. This continues for the life of the SquatchFund Protocol (Anticipated to be 5 or more years).
* Due to ongoing high gas costs on the Ethereum Blockchain (and despite rumors that fees will eventually decline as Eth2.0 evolves), the SquatchFund Team has chosen to host the NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. Dividends will therefore be paid to NFT-Holding Wallets in currency suitable to that blockchain (i.e. MATIC, the native currency of the Polygon Blockchain, or $USDT).
The Squatch NFTs will be MINTED on the Polygon blockchain via an ERC-721A smart contract, and will “live” on OpenSea (thus making it easy for NFT Holders to sell or transfer their NFT, should they wish to).
** Gifts in the form of dividends are to be distributed on a monthly basis, as per the SquatchFund Protocol, commencing on October 27, 2022 (90 days after project launch).
NB - The SquatchFund is not a registered mutual fund, nor a financial advisor of any sort, and nor are NFT-holders in any way investing in "the fund". If you want to invest in a Squatch NFT, the SquatchTeam is delighted to have you own one - but there is NO GUARANTEE of any return or yield. Your Squatch NFT investment is your decision to make.
Investors in Squatch NFTs are investing in a digital art collectible, NOT in a "fund" - make sense? The benefit of investing in the NFT is that the investor owns the NFT. The benefit of holding a Squatch NFT is that they receive dividends from the SquatchTeam, as per the SquatchFund Protocol. Cool, hey?