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End-of-Life Protocol

The SquatchFund may cease and dissolve the SquatchFund with a final distribution of dividends on October 27, 2027, (5 years after commencing sharing dividends with Squatch NFTs) unless unanimously voted by the SquatchTeam to continue the SquatchFund Protocol.
If the SquatchFund End-of-Life Protocol is triggered prior to October 27, 2027, the SquatchFund will offer to “buy back” Squatch NFTs on the OpenSea Marketplace at the original value of the mint price, except as noted below*.
NOTE: In the event that this occurs, Squatch NFT holders may choose to retain their Squatch NFT, as a collectible NFT digital art asset, instead of selling back to the SquatchFund.
There are two potential "risk" events which have been assessed by the SquatchTeam for the End-of-Life Protocol for the SquatchFund.
1. Death or permanent disability of all of the SquatchTeam. This is seen to be highly unlikely, however, in the event of death or permanent disability of the entire team simultaneously, there are legal instructions to enact the End-of-Life Protocol. These instructions are held in trust by two independent legal counsel representatives; one located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and the other in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.
2. A huge market crash results in the SquatchFund becoming entirely depleted of tradable funds. This is seen to be highly unlikely bordering on impossible, given the diversified and varied portfolio of conservative through to higher risk investments within the SquatchFund – however, nothing in crypto is guaranteed (as we have all witnessed recently!)
*NOTE should the unlikely event described in (2) above occur, the “NFT buy back” price offered by the End-of-Life Protocol will be equivalent to the SquatchFund Trading Pool Balance divided by 10,000, less any applicable transfer fees.