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NFT Rarity

The rarity of traits of an NFT does not make any difference to the base amount of dividends received by the NFT, nor does it change the mint price.
The rarity of an NFT may affect the resale price on OpenSea as a collectible.
The rarity may also affect the size of the distribution pool for bonus dividend draws.
Traits which contribute to a Squatch NFT’s rarity include:
· Type of Squatch (i.e. Original Squatch, SquatchNoir, SnowSquatch, etc)
· Location of Squatch (i.e. Foggy Mountains, Dark Forest, Lonely Road, etc)
· Squatch Element held (i.e. Yellow SquatchBass, Pink SquatchStrat, All-Day Lollipop, etc)
· Squatch Head Covering (i.e. Floppy Black Hat, BallCap, No Hat, etc)
· Squatch Facial Accessory (i.e. Glasses, Smoke, Charming SquatchFace, etc)
While the rarity of each element in the entire collection won't be revealed until the entire collection is minted, the chart below shows the estimated level of rarity for each element.