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Proceeds from NFT sales are distributed as follows:
o 70% to SquatchFund investment and trading pool capital
o 20% to fund the creation of the project and ongoing running costs, expenses to build and manage the protocol, contract creation, marketing, advisory fees and administrative labor
o 9% Artist Royalties to the Squatch NFT Designer. (NOTE: No further Artist or Creator Royalties are associated with the resale of Squatch NFTs, so resellers will not have to pay royalties if selling their Squatch NFT on the OpenSea Marketplace).
o 1% to fund the creation of 100 NFT's for marketing, giveaways, and the team
Once the initial collection of 10,000 Squatch NFTs has been minted, there will be no new injection of capital investment into the SquatchFund, other than the portion of the proceeds generated from the SquatchFund investments allocated by protocol for reinvestment into the asset pool, as described below. This reinvestment continually increases the SquatchFund assets, allowing for (in theory!) larger monthly dividends, as time goes on.
Proceeds from trading are distributed on a monthly basis as per the following;
o 50% of positive trading or investment returns are distributed as dividends, pro-rata to all Squatch NFT holders equally
o The remaining 50% of positive trading or investment returns is distributed as follows;
§ 50% (25% of total) is returned into the investment/trading pool, to maintain and grow the asset base of the SquatchFund, helping to ensure longevity of the Protocol, and potentially increasing gifts for Squatch NFT Holders
§ 40% (20% of total) is used for protocol expenses, investment, legal or other advisory services, fees, taxes, SquatchTeam trading commissions, and administrative support
§ 5% (2.5% of total) is allocated to the Squatch Charity
§ 5% (2.5% of total) is allocated for marketing. Once marketing has been completed and all 10,000 Squatch NFTs are minted, this allocation will be held in the Bonus Wallet for rarity bonus dividend draws.
There is no staking of Squatches, no hidden fees, no slippage, no taxes withheld, no claiming, no locking.
All NFTs will receive an equal-share of the distributed dividends every month* in which there is a positive proceed from trading.
*Unless less frequent distributions are justified (i.e. in the event that the amount of the dividend is less than the fee to transfer it to the NFT-holding wallet, the dividend may be held-over to the following month).
NB - The SquatchFund Protocol reserves the right to increase the rate of dividend distributions once the NFT Collection is fully sold, or to issue bonus dividends from time to time.